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  • Next Generation Coating Technology
  • SUPERB Hydrophobic Effect!
  • Add colour depth
  • Award Winning "Best Recommended Detailer"
  • Product made in Germany
  • Sonax - Brand of Century Award

Synthetic wax with medium abrasive polish

Removes fine scratches

Removes staining especially on white colour cars

High gloss

UV protection

Superb water beading

Suitable for DIY or Professional use.

Suitable for use by Hand or Machine

Made in GERMANY.

  • REMOVE Stubborn Dirt, Fine Scratches, Corrosion, Tarnishes
  • REJUVENATE Dull Spots, Dull Colours
  • Rapidly and thoroughly removes soiling, rust, tarnished and dull areas from all metallic surfaces such as chrome, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass, without leaving scratches
  • it leaves behind a protective film shielding against weathering and prevents rapid re-tarnishing
  • Ideal for cars, motorcycles, restaurants and homes. NSF (A7) certified
  • SONAX passion for cars - made in Germany. It moves you, make it shine!
  • Easy to apply Ceramic series products
  • Protection with Si-Carbon Technology
  • UV Protection
  • Perfect roll-off effect
  • Mirror-like Shine and High Gloss
  • Velvety smoothness and slick touch
  • Make vehicle cleaning much easier
  • Easy and fast application
  • Refresh existig ceramic coating
  • Extreme smoothness
  • Mirror-like shine
  • Superb water beading effect
  • Suitable on fil-laminated vehicles
  • UV Protection
  • Ultra slick feeling
  • Long term sealing with Si-Carbon Technology
  • Protection up to 4 months
  • Provide a velvety soft surface
  • Result in durable and mirror-like shine
  • Protect against dirt, insects, road salt
  • Leave a permanent roll-off effect
  • Easy-to-clean effect, washing is simplified
  • Use as standalone coating or ceramic coating topper.
  • Highly effective formula for polishing weathered paint layers and restoring dull colours
  • Extremely fine aluminium oxide powder smooths out scratches caused by car washes, fingernails and other typical signs of wear and tear
  • The polish already contains wax for basic preservation
  • SONAX passion for cars - made in Germany. It moves you, make it shine!
  • AWARD Winning HYBRID NetProtection Technology
  • High GLOSS Coating
  • INTENSIVE Colour Freshen Up
  • PROTECTION Against UV-Ray, Acid Rain, Contaminations
  • Genuine Product Fully Imported from Germany
  • Pure water technology
  • Powerful glass cleaner for interior and exterior use.
  • Exterior use: Removal of oil and soot film and insect residue. Interior use: Removal of greasy films, finger-marks and nicotine residue
  • Produces an invisible nanolayer on treated surfaces improving the wetting characteristics, e.g. in the rain
  • Grime and dust quickly and evenly run off with the water
  • Also suitable for household use, cleaning windows and mirrors
  • Quickly, easily and gently removes light dirt from interior panels, cockpits, upholstered seats, vehicle roof linings etc. without leaving any residue.
  • Cares for the look of all surfaces such as plastic, vinyl, leather, rubber, metal, aluminium and many more. Prevents build-up of electrostatic charge and therefore repels dust.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours and leaves a pleasant fragrance. Free from silicone.
  • Cleans and maintains all smooth real and synthetic leather
  • Maintains the matt surfaces. Waterproofs and protects against renewed soiling
  • Also for perforated leather
  • With high quality jojoba oil
  • With UV protection
  • Gently and thoroughly cleans all textiles in the car’s interior, even delicate Alcantara surfaces
  • At the same time, the product’s odour eradicator quickly and permanently neutralises unpleasant smells such as smoke and animal smells, etc. Leaves a fresh scent
  • Does not leave dirt marks
  • SONAX passion for cars - made in Germany. It moves you, make it shine!

Cleans and protects in 1 action

Effectively cleaning against stains and oils

Provides durable protection against UV

Restores the leather softness

Non-oily and matte original finish

Remove odor

Gives a nice leather fragrance

Made in GERMANY.

  • Through its deep penetrating hygiene effect, it easily but gently removes even stubborn dirt from car interior trims, upholstered seats, roof linings, etc.
  • At the same time, its odour eliminator quickly and permanently neutralises smoke, animal, and other unpleasant odours
  • For hygienic cleanliness in the car's interior and in the household
  • SONAX passion for cars - made in Germany. It moves you, make it shine!

Eradicate greasy films

Restore clear vision in seconds

Nano Technology


Very economical: 20ml can make 200ml/2 litres Wiper Wash solution

Safe to use for all cars

Helps to lessen wipers juddering

Award Winner

Made in GERMANY.