(New) Ceramic Coating CC EVO Complete Set
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  • The set contains two sealing products
  • Ceramic coatings are very durable. Depending on the vehicle paint, the specific load on the coating and the care the coating can last for one to 3 years
  • A paint coated with CC Evo shows improved hydrophobia (beading), increased chemical resistance and improved UV resistance. The coating thus protects against harmful biological influences such as insect dirt, bird droppings and tree resin stains
  • SONAX passion for cars - made in Germany

CC Evo is a complete set for the ceramic long-term sealing (coating) of paintwork. The set contains two sealing products - BaseCoat Evo and GlossCoat Evo - and the basic cleaner Prepare as well as three applicators. Just like a vehicle paintwork, BaseCoat Evo and GlossCoat Evo consist of a polymer network of various liquid resins based on silicon/carbon and binding agents suspended in solvents. In the air, the ingredients react indipendently with each other and combine to form a very solid and chemical-resistant film.

How does CC Evo change the paintwork?
The coating reduces the free surface energy of the entire paint, which means that foreign particles such as dirt can no longer adhere firmly to the paint. This is referred to as the easy-to-clean effect: it simplifies the vehicle wash, sometimes a powerful water jet is enough to remove the dirt.

Which paintwork types can be sealed?
Basically, a two-layer paintwork surfaces with cleaner coat, also matt paintwork, as well as decaled paintwork surfaces. Efficacy cannot be guaranteed with single-coat paintwork surfaces and older paint systems such as nitrocellulose paints.

How are coated vehicles maintained?
Washing is best done with SONAX PROFILINE Reload Shampoo or SONAX ActiFoam, always using a normal wash sponge. Thoroughly soak and carefully wipe off dried insect residue. An occasional treatment with SONAX Spray+Seal is recommended. The first wash must not take place until at least one week after coating. Alkaline pre-cleaners are not to be used and the sealed paintwork must not be polished.


Clean paintwork thoroughly and polish to a hologram free deep shine with a polishing machine. Immediately prior to the sealing the surfaces have to be absolutely clean. For this, spray Prepare onto a Microfibre Cloth ultrafine and thorougly wipe all the surfaces to be treated.



Spray BaseCoat thinly onto the bright side of an Application Pad and, working crosswise, apply extensively and thinly to the paintwork. Always treat partial areas of about ½ m² maximum, apply more product, if necessary. Allow to dry briefly and then carefully wipe the surface with a Microfibre Cloth ultrafine to achieve a streak-free finish. Only then start with the next partial area and always make sure the areas overlap. Once a complete part is treated, examine it again and immediately wipe away any irregularities. After the entire vehicles has been sealed with BaseCoat, the vehicle has to stand for 1 hour to harden. From now, the treated surfaces must not get wet or be touched.


Apply a few drops of GlossCoat to the bright side of a new Application Pad and, working crosswise, apply thinly to the paintwork. After an evaporation time of 5-10 minutes, wipe off excess product with a Microfibre Cloth ultrafine to a streak-free finish. Treat the entire vehicle in this way and afterwards allow a hardening time of at least 4 hours. During these 4 hours, the surfaces should neither be touched nor get wet. Should the applicator begin to harden during the application of GlossCoat, there is a spare pad in the set. The Application Sponge and the Microfibre Cloth(s) used for wiping, should be washed immediately afterwards or used only for cleaning purposes to avoid micro scratching.

- The optimum temperature for processing is between 20°C and 30°C. Do not process at temperatures below 10°C
- Within the first hour, any missed stains or streaks can be dissolved and removed
- The coated vehicle should not be washed within the first week after treatment
- Do not polish the vehicle after it has been sealed!

Since 1950 SONAX developes and produces in Neuburg an der Donau superior car care products. Whether in motorsport, tuning scene or among classic automobile fans: SONAX is a long time partner of car enthusiasts and experts, supporting and advising when it comes to impeccable automobiles' performance. SONAX product range includes exterior and paintwork, interior and glass as well as winter care products. To complete the range, SONAX has also developed special solutions for the industry and auto workshops, for machine cleaning in washing facilities, for bikes and industrial vehicles along with cleaning and care products for professional car valeting.

From wheel rim to windscreen and from paintwork to interior - make no compromises when it comes to the care of your car!

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